Victim Assistance

The office’s new Victims’ Lounge offers victims and their families a secure, comfortable space to engage with our staff. It is based on trauma-informed design principles and provides a safe, warm, and welcoming physical environment. The design of the Victims’ Lounge was a collaborative effort among Dr. Adrienne Baldwin-White, a Professor at the UGA School of Social Work and the victim advocates of the DA’s office.

The District Attorney’s Office provides the following services free of charge to victims of crime.

Crisis Intervention by telephone or in person to provide reassurance, empathetic listening, and advice for resolving problems created by the crime itself or by court appearances. 

Personal Advocacy by acting on behalf of the victim to secure their rights in the criminal justice system.

Intimidation Intervention to provide reassurance or protection for victims experiencing fear or harassment, including assistance with protective orders and bond conditions.

Accompaniment to court, sitting with the victims during the proceedings to provide support and explanations.

Court Orientation to provide information on the criminal justice system and the responsibilities of victims or witnesses in court.

Referral to other sources of assistance not provided directly by the program.

Information and Notice on the status of the court case and proceedings via letters and phone calls. 

Employer Intervention to explain time missed from work due to required court appearances.

Property Recovery of personal items being held as evidence.

Restitution by assisting prosecutors in recommending judges to impose, or probation authorities to collect, restitution.

Compensation Assistance to help filling out application forms for victims of violent crime.  

For more information on how the District Attorney’s Office supports victims of crime, or to speak with a Victim Advocate, please call Victim Assistance at (706) 613-3740.