Record Restrictions

The District Attorney’s office understands that Record Restriction is an important step for many members of our community and that it can open doors to many opportunities.  The office therefore wants to help make the process as accessible and simple as possible under Georgia law.  

In Athens-Clarke County, the District Attorney’s office only handles record restrictions for felonies in which arrests occurred after 2013.  

In Oconee County, the District Attorney’s office handles both felonies and misdemeanors, but again only for matters in which arrests occurred after 2013.

In cases in which the arrest occurred prior to 2013, those seeking record restriction must work with the arresting agency.

Those seeking record restriction must fill out, sign and submit the application form.  This form grants the District Attorney’s office the applicant’s consent to review their criminal history in order to verify the information provided and ensure it meets the eligibility requirements for record restriction. Applicants must be sure to sign the form.

Applicants can submit their completed and signed form to the District Attorney’s office by email or mail.

When the District Attorney’s office receives a properly completed form, the staff pulls together the relevant supporting information for the District Attorney to review.  

The District Attorney will determine if the record restriction request meets the requirements of Georgia law. If so, the District Attorney will approve the application for record restriction. If it is not possible to approve the application, this office will note the reason why.

The final step in the process is for this office to complete the record restriction (if approved). The office will notify the applicant regarding the outcome of the process by mail. 

Record restriction reviews are completed once per month.

Record restriction applications or questions regarding the process should be sent to