DA Data Dashboard

Welcome to the Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney Data Dashboard. This page will give you some basic context for the dashboard and simple instructions on how to use the functions to explore the data provided. Once you review this information, click on the link “DA Data Dashboard” and you will be taken to the site of the dashboard. Keep in mind that you will be leaving the Western Circuit DA website to get to a separate website hosting the dashboard. Once at the Data Dashboard site, you may have to click on the “hamburger” icon (top left) to open the variable-selection panel). We welcome your feedback as to the dashboard and the ways you are using the data. Just send us an email to district.attorney@accgov.com.

This user-centered dashboard aims to provide the public with data to increase transparency about the D.A. office’s operations and enhance understanding of the justice system. Here, you will find information about the Office’s prosecutions and learn more about the D.A.’s efforts to ensure public safety and promote justice for all. The site is interactive, and will enable you to select the data you are most interested in and examine it in relationship to other variables. Currently the Dashboard has data that spans from 2015 to the beginning of 2022.

To access the Dashboard click here: DA Data Dashboard

To access the Dashboard click here: DA Data Dashboard

The Western Judicial Circuit has jurisdiction over criminal matters arising in Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties, Georgia. The D.A.’s office is responsible for prosecuting felony offenses in Athens-Clarke County; and felonies and misdemeanors in Oconee County.

This Data Dashboard is based on information contained in the D.A. office’s case management system, which is called “Tracker.” The Tracker system was developed and is maintained by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia and is made available to prosecutors’ offices statewide.

This dashboard was made possible by an extremely generous contribution of pro bono (no cost) services from Luminosity, Inc., a nationally recognized and highly regarded small, women-owned business whose mission is to advance pretrial justice in America.

To access the Dashboard click here: DA Data Dashboard

Notes on the available data

All data presented on this dashboard is taken from the D.A. office’s “Tracker” case management system. Tracker is a tool which was designed to assist D.A. office staff in managing their work. It is not designed to serve as a data source for public communication regarding the work of the D.A.’s office. As a result some of the topics that you might be interested in exploring are not reflected in the dashboard because Tracker does not capture that information.

Notes on terminology

In order to accurately reflect the data that is available from the Tracker system, this dashboard uses the same terminology employed in that system. This terminology was developed for internal use by staff in D.A. offices, so its meaning may not always be clear to members of the public. This following short glossary is intended to clarify the meaning of some of the basic terms employed.

Prosecutor’s Decision refers to the authority a prosecutor has to decide what should be done in a particular situation.  The options provided in the data are: case filed or not filed.

Case Resolution refers to the final outcome in a case. The options provided in the data are: not filed, downgraded (meaning a felony charge was reduced to a lesser felony charge or a misdemeanor), dismissed, guilty, other, pending, unknown.

Race refers to the shared physical trait of the defendant in a case. Because this dashboard must use the only data available in the Tracker system, it includes only two specific categories (white and black) and two general ones (another race and unknown). Such a system does not reflect the diversity of our community.

Age at Offense the age of the person who committed the offense at the time he/she committed the offense. The options provided in the data are: 55+, 45-54, 35-44, 30-34, 25-29, 18-24, 17 or younger, unknown.

Gender refers the gender of the defendant in a case. As is the case with race, the available data reflects outdated and inaccurate notions of gender. Options are: male, female, unknown.

Case Type refers to the category the case fits under.  The options provided in the data are: murder, sex offense, personal, family violence, property, drug, DUI, traffic, other.

Most Serious Charge Referred what is the highest charge that was referred for prosecution.  The options provided in the data are: no referred charge, misdemeanor, felony.

Most Serious Charge Filed what is the highest charge that was filed by prosecution. The options provided in the data are: final decision pending, misdemeanor, felony, none.

Most Serious Charge Resolved what is the highest charge that was resolved by the prosecution. The options provided in the data are: resolution pending, misdemeanor, felony, none.

To access the Dashboard click here: DA Data Dashboard