Community Outreach Division

The community is at the core of everything we do in the DA’s office. We recognize that what happens inside the courtroom affects the community and what happens in the community affects what happens in the courtroom. We have made a commitment to be present in the community sharing information about the legal system and our office, and working on special initiatives with community partners.

Our Director of External Affairs, Dawn Brinkley, should be contacted if you would like:

  • the DA’s office to be a sponsor to an event, the DA’s office to partner on a grant or provide a letter of support; etc.

Our Community Outreach Coordinator, Sofia Delgado, should be contacted if you would like:

  • to invite the DA to speak or attend at an event your neighborhood, school or organization is having, the DA’s office to participate in a community event; etc.

Just send Dawn or Sofia an email at Make sure to put as many specifics as you can about the event or partnership opportunity (ex. in person or virtual, date, time, location with address, goal of event/grant, etc.).

Scroll down to review and download our Community Outreach Brochures.