Victim Services

  • The Victim Advocates of the District Attorney’s office.

Assisting and advocating for victims of crime is one of the highest priorities of the District Attorney’s office and District Attorney Gonzalez.

Led by Director of Victim Services Tanya Wingfield, victim advocates offer guidance, support, information and crisis counseling to victims of crime throughout the criminal justice process. Advocates make referrals to community partners and provide notification of a variety of court proceedings.

Advocates also ensure that crime victims understand their rights as outlined in the Crime Victims Bill of Rights and assist with obtaining appropriate restitution and compensation through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, when applicable. See more info here.

Click here for more information on Crime Victim Compensation.

The victim advocates in the District Attorney’s office are experienced and compassionate professionals who are credentialed by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP). Several advocates also hold advanced counseling and social work degrees and licenses.

Learn more about how the District Attorney’s Office and its Victim Advocates assist victims of crime.