Staff Directory

To reach any of our team members please call the ACC Courthouse at 706-613-3240 or Oconee Courthouse 706-769-3954.

Deborah GonzalezDistrict
Jenna VaisvilDirector, External
Jennie De la Vega Executive Assistant & Office
Diane LambethAdministrative
Mikaela Henderson Chief Assistant District
Sam d’EntremontDeputy Chief Assistant District
Jefferson AdamsAssistant District
Harris ArnoldADA Apprentice, Diversion & Restorative Justice
John BatchelorAssistant District
Bryce BoggsAssistant District
Kyle BowlandAssistant District
Gerald Henderson Assistant District
Kathy LiADA Apprentice, CAPE
Alex McQueenAssistant District
Tyler NormandiaAssistant District
Paige OtwellAssistant District
Martha PerkinsADA Apprentice, CAPE
Amber RobinsonDeputy Chief, Juvenile & Restorative
June TeasleyAssistant District
Zaine ThistleAssistant District
Kyle ThompsonDeputy Chief, CAPE
Eric WhitmoreAssistant District
Eric YiAssistant District
Felicia FortsonChief
Kelly MeredithDeputy Chief
Reggie LeveretteInvestigator, CAPE
Tanya WingfieldDirector Victim
Lynn BradberryDeputy Director, Victim
Taylor BracewellVictim Advocate/Compensation (Oconee)
Mikki BurnettVictim Advocate
Osmayra ChipanaVictim
Victoria GloverVictim
Fatma GurelVictim Advocate/Compensation (ACC)
Alice HayesVictim
Rosario HuisaVictim Notification
Laura HyattVictim
Heather MooreVictim
Christina PettitVictim
Mykeisha RossCommunity Outreach
Kayleigh RowellData & Outcomes